So you want an Allied Health Professional?

Health Recruitment PLUS (HR+) can help walk you through the decision process. We begin with a series of questions to help you determine if you have the infrastructure, patient demand and business model to engage an allied health professional in your practice. The questions are not exhaustive, but they give a starting point in working out if increasing your practice capacity through allied health services is a viable strategy for you. 

HR+ administers the Rural Health Professional Program, an initiative of the Australian Government designed to improve the distribution and retention of nursing and allied health workforce in rural and remote Australia in the non-acute sector. The program aims to attract, recruit and retain candidates from approved Australian and overseas locations, providing them with financial and administrative retention supports to assist them to remain practising in rural communities for up to two years.

The Process


Do you have the room for another service? The rule of thumb is to make sure that all consulting rooms are used 85% of the time, as you do not want to give up space for a lesser utilised service.

Do you have the necessary physical and virtual infrastructure in place already, such as computer, adequate server, examination tables and chairs, or will you need to invest in this prior to offering a service?

Patient Demand

What are the practice patient demographics in relation to chronic disease management? A data extraction tool will be able to show how many people are diabetic, overweight, suffer from chronic disease, and the age group they fall into.

Type and Scope of Service

In light of your patient demand, what type of services could you offer and how often?

Is there a limit to the scope of service you want to offer?

Business Model

What are the likely expenses in providing the service? Make sure you include the actual costs of the room, the relevant staff time, consumables, power and utilities, IT costs, marketing – both internally and externally.

Engagement Model

If the answers to all the above keep you moving forward, you now need to consider how to engage the allied health professional, prior to going to the market to see if there is anyone available. This is where you need to read the “Legal Relationship Checklist” and establish whether you want to employ the person or contract them as an independent contractor. Now you’re ready to take on an allied health professional!

Remember HR+ has a team of people available to assist you in the process of exploring your allied health needs and handling the entire recruitment and retention process for you. All you need to do is phone 03 6334 2355 to get started.